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[audio]balance2010 - raf

Downloads: 11
[audio]testR_sensordefect - RaF

Downloads: 104
[audio]testR_General Noise 2 - RaF
Experimental noise. lo aleatorio, el proceso sonoro continuo de cualquier informacion que pueda digitalizarse es convertido sin sistema en entornos saturados y distorsionados. Sonido tendente a la aleatoriedad y a la inexpresion, sin principio ni fin -- la firma del error. blog -- The random thing, the sonorous constant process of any information that can be digitized is turned without system into saturated and distorted environments...
Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 707 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]testR_Brief chemical neurosis - RaF
Brief chemical neurosises:::Small pieces of sonorous feedback, improvised, without editing not masterizar. Composed without intention...
Keywords: Noise; Experimental
Downloads: 1,973
[audio]testR_mini c D - RaF
Sonido loco, ruidoso sin paliativos ni concesiones. WARNING: puede provocar desorden sensitivo (antes de escuchar bajar el volumen y subir progresivamente). El art-work por Nuri -- Mad, noisy sound without palliative not even grants. WARNING: can provoke sensitive disorder (Before listening to lower the volume and to rise progressively). The art-work for Nuri
Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 277 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]General Noise - Raf
Experimental noise. Espacios abiertos comprimidos para un disfrute casero, territorios faltos de fe, en los que se refleja la deshumanizacion, los desequilibrios tonales. Entornos saturados, agudas perdidas de frecuencias dificilmente definidas, de graves carencias, aislamiento. -- http://personales.ya.com/rafaudio -- Opened spaces compressed for a domestic enjoyment, lacking territories of fe, in that there are reflected the deshumanizacion, the tonal imbalances...
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 614
[audio]inspiration manouche - Raf
3 accords
Keywords: keywords
Downloads: 171
[audio]General_Noise_3 - RaF
"44o armonicos" esta incluido en el proyecto sonoro ROOT OF SINE/audiobulb records -- los otros procesos siguen mi linea habitual de abundamiento en el error y la antimusicalidad -- To dive in the mistake and the antimusicality
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 953
[image]Passeggeri distratti - Raf

Downloads: 648
[image]TuttoRaf - Raf

Downloads: 255
[audio]audio accion: guardia civil en la frontera - RaF
En referencia a la audioaccion propuesta en Mediateletipos: Guardia civil en la frontera NINGUNA PERSONA ES ILEGAL
Downloads: 134
[movies]Vlog2 - G-raf
Please delete this page.
Downloads: 378
[movies]Power Presentation #1 - G-raf
This page needs to be deleted, thanks.
Downloads: 10
[audio]Swimming - G-raf
Archive, please remove this page. Email me if you have any questions. Thank you.
Downloads: 111
[movies]Struggle News: Compromise in Yongsan, Dec 30, 2009 - G-raf
The government offered reparations to the evictees of Seoul, Yongsan District 4, as well as a temporary location for housing & business. The Yongsan Coalition agreed to have the funerals for 5 evictees that were killed by the Korean SWAT Team last year in what is known as the "Yongsan Massacre." Watch and listen to find out more about the compromise and agreements made between the Yongsan Coalition and the government.
Keywords: Yongsan massacre; Yongsan Coalition; funeral; compromise; Yongsan struggle; Struggle News; Korea Indymedia
Downloads: 17
[texts]Graded Calabi Yau Algebras of dimension 3 - Raf Bocklandt
In this paper we prove that Graded Calabi Yau Algebras of dimension 3 are isomorphic to path algebras of quivers with relations derived from a superpotential. We show that for a given quiver $Q$ and a degree $d$, the set of good superpotentials of degree $d$, i.e. those that give rise to Calabi Yau algebras is either empty or almost everything (in the measure theoretic sense). We also give some constraints on the structure of quivers that allow good superpotentials, and for the simplest quivers ...
Downloads: 2
[texts]A slice theorem for quivers with an involution - Raf Bocklandt
We study the Luna slice theorem in the case of quivers with an involution or supermixed quivers as introduced by Zubkov. We construct an analogue to the notion of a local quiver setting. We use this technique to determine dimension vectors of simple supermixed representations.
Downloads: 3
[audio]Hey O - G-raf
Archive, please remove this page. Email me if you have any questions. Thank you.
Downloads: 75
[texts]Toric systems and mirror symmetry - Raf Bocklandt
Hille and Perling associate to every cyclic full strongly exceptional sequence of line bundles on a toric weak Fano surface a toric system, which defines a new toric surface. In this note we interprete this construction as an instance of mirror symmetry and extend it to a duality on the set toric weak Fano surfaces equiped with a cyclic full strongly exceptional sequence.
Downloads: 1
[texts]Analytic van der Corput Lemma for p-adic and F_q((t)) oscillatory integrals, singular Fourier transforms, and restriction theorems - Raf Cluckers
We give the p-adic and F_q((t)) analogue of the real van der Corput Lemma, where the real condition of sufficient smoothness for the phase is replaced by the condition that the phase is a convergent power series. This van der Corput style result allows us, in analogy to the real situation, to study singular Fourier transforms on suitably curved (analytic) manifolds and opens the way for further applications...
Downloads: 2
[audio]Playground 4 the Broke - G-raf
Why can't I delete my pages from internet archive? Please let me do it or delete this page for me please. Thank you.
Downloads: 194
[texts]Model theory of valued fields - Raf Cluckers
We give a proposal for future development of the model theory of valued fields. We also summarize some recent results on p-adic numbers.
Downloads: 1
[audio]removed - G-raf
Please remove this page.
Downloads: 65
[audio]DIY Funk - G-raf
Archive, please remove this page. Email me if you have any questions. Thank you.
Downloads: 194
[texts]Analytic p-adic Cell Decomposition and Integrals - Raf Cluckers
We prove a conjecture of Denef on parameterized $p$-adic analytic integrals using an analytic cell decomposition theorem, which we also prove in this paper. This cell decomposition theorem describes piecewise the valuation of analytic functions (and more generally of subanalytic functions), the pieces being geometrically simple sets, called cells. We also classify subanalytic sets up to subanalytic bijection.
Downloads: 2
[audio]Apology - G-raf
Please remove this page, thank you.
Downloads: 24
[audio]Up In Your Face - G-raf
Archive, please remove this page. Email me if you have any questions. Thank you.
Downloads: 11
[audio]투쟁뉴스14 이주노동자연대집회 - G-raf
“We are laborers! We are one! 투쟁!”라고 외치는 소리는 추운 날씨를 두겁게 만들었다. 12월 13일 일요일 오후 2시에 서울역에서 이주노동자 연대 집회가 열었다. 무대가 설립해 있었고 150명 정도 사람들이 이주노동자의 투쟁에 대한 공연과 발언을 듣고 참여하고 있었다. 많은 행인들도 지나가고 들기도 하고 있었다...
Keywords: Migrant Workers Trade Union South Korea, 이주노조, 단속반대, 이주공동행동, 동아시아 앰네스티, 이주노동자 투쟁
Downloads: 378
[audio]struggle monster - G-raf
Archive, please remove this page. Email me if you have any questions. Thank you.
Downloads: 124
[texts]Locally inertial null normal coordinates - Raf Guedens
Locally inertial coordinates are constructed by carrying Riemann normal coordinates on a codimension two spacelike surface along the geodesics normal to it. Since the normal tangents are labelled by components with respect to a null basis, these coordinates are referred to as null normal coordinates. They are convenient in the study of local causal horizons. As an application, the coordinate system is used to specify a vector field that satisfies the Killing equation approximately in a small reg...
[audio]G-raf - Delicious Experiment - G-raf
Archive, please remove this page. Email me if you have any questions. Thank you.
Downloads: 76
[audio]Dj Raf - Dj Raf
Dj Raf in Djerba explore Opening Party
Keywords: djerba; music; dj
Downloads: 314
[texts]Cell decomposition and p-adic integration - Raf Cluckers
A semialgebraic bijection from the field of p-adic numbers to itself minus one point is constructed. Semialgebraic p-adic sets are classified up to semialgebraic bijection. A cell decomposition theorem for restricted analytic p-adic maps is proven, in analogy with the cell decomposition theorem for polynomial maps by Denef. This cell decomposition is used to show that a certain algebra (built up with analytic and subanalytic p-adic functions) is closed under p-adic integration...
Downloads: 4
[texts]Noncommutative mirror symmetry for punctured surfaces - Raf Bocklandt
Recently Abouzaid, Auroux, Efimov, Katzarkov and Orlov showed that the wrapped Fukaya Categories of punctured spheres are derived equivalent to the categories of singularities of a superpotential on certain crepant resolutions of toric 3 dimensional singularities. We generalize this result to other punctured Riemann surfaces and reformulate it in terms of certain noncommutative algebras coming from dimer models...
Downloads: 12
[texts]Multivariate Igusa theory: Decay rates of exponential sums - Raf Cluckers
We obtain general estimates for exponential integrals of the form \[ E_f(y)=\int_{\mathbb{Z}_{p}^{n}}\psi(\sum_{j=1}^r y_j f_j(x))|dx|, \] where the $f_j$ are restricted power series over $\mathbb{Q}_p$, $y_j\in\mathbb{Q}_p$, and $\psi$ a nontrivial additive character on $\mathbb{Q}_p$. We prove that if $(f_1,...,f_r)$ is a dominant map, then $|E_f(y)| 0$ and $\alpha
Downloads: 2
[texts]Consistency conditions for dimer models - Raf Bocklandt
Dimer models are a combinatorial tool to describe certain algebras that appear as noncommutative crepant resolutions of toric Gorenstein singularities. Unfortunately, not every dimer model gives rise to a noncommutative crepant resolution. Several notions of consistency have been introduced to deal with this problem. In this paper we study the major different notions in detail and show that for dimer models on a torus they are all equivalent.
Downloads: 4
[texts]Presburger sets and p-minimal fields - Raf Cluckers
We prove a cell decomposition theorem for Presburger sets and introduce a dimension theory for Z-groups with the Presburger structure. Using the cell decomposition theorem we obtain a full classification of Presburger sets up to definable bijection. We also exhibit a tight connection between the definable sets in an arbitrary p-minimal field and Presburger sets in its value group. We give a negative result about expansions of Presburger structures and prove uniform elimination of imaginaries for...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Generating toric noncommutative crepant resolutions - Raf Bocklandt
We present an algorithm that finds all toric noncommutative crepant resolutions of a given toric 3-dimensional Gorenstein singularity. The algorithm embeds the quivers of these algebras inside a real 3-dimensional torus such that the relations are homotopy relations. One can project these embedded quivers down to a 2-dimensional torus to obtain the corresponding dimer models. We discuss some examples and use the algorithm to show that all toric noncommutative crepant resolutions of a finite quot...
Downloads: 5
[movies]One Person Protests For Yongsan - G-raf
Let's have one person protests in the streets until Yongsan is solved
Keywords: Yongsan massacre; one person protests
Downloads: 25
[texts]Smooth quiver quotient varieties - Raf Bocklandt
In this paper we classify all the quivers and corresponding dimension vectors having a smooth space of semisimple representation classes. The result is that these quiver settings can be reduced via some specific reduction steps to 3 simple types.
Downloads: 6
[audio]Dj Raf Summer 2008 - Dj RAF
Dj RAF in Djerba Explore Summer 2008
Keywords: dj; party; djerba
Downloads: 255
[texts]Grothendieck rings of Laurent series fields - Raf Cluckers
We study Grothendieck rings (in the sense of logic) of fields. We prove the triviality of the Grothendieck rings of certain fields by constructing definable bijections which imply the triviality. More precisely, we consider valued fields, for example, fields of Laurent series over the real numbers, over p-adic numbers and over finite fields, and construct definable bijections from the line to the line minus one point.
Downloads: 5
[texts]Classification of semi-algebraic $p$-adic sets up to semi-algebraic bijection - Raf Cluckers
We prove that two infinite p-adic semi-algebraic sets are isomorphic (i.e. there exists a semi-algebraic bijection between them) if and only if they have the same dimension.
Downloads: 8
[image]Indipendent & Gehypt - RAF Camora

Downloads: 4
[texts]Noncommutative Tangent Cones and Calabi Yau Algebras - Raf Bocklandt
We study the generalization of the idea of a local quiver of a representation of a formally smooth algebra, to broader classes of finitely generated algebras. In this new setting we can construct for every semisimple representation $M$ a local model and a non-commutative tangent cone. The representation schemes of these new algebras model the local structure and the tangent cone of the representation scheme of the original algebra at $M$...
Downloads: 10
[movies]Fighter Tactics Against B-29 - RAF & USAF
Fighter Tactics Against 'B.29.' USAF and RAF training film about fighter aircraft techniques against B-29 bombers. As always, any error or typo is mine and if you enjoy my uploads or if you intend to make $ or otherwise profit from these files, please consider making a donation to a veteran's charity of your choice and/or Archive.org itself. Thanks. :)
Keywords: Training Film; United States. Army Air Forces; B-29 Bomber; Fighter plane combat; Cold War; Great Britain. -- Royal Air Force
Downloads: 1,002
[audio]The Squadronaires-01-20 - RAF Squadronaires
Keywords: 1950s Popular
Downloads: 581
[texts]Calabi Yau algebras and weighted quiver polyhedra - Raf Bocklandt
Dimer models have been used in string theory to construct path algebras with relations that are 3-dimensional Calabi-Yau Algebras. These constructions result in algebras that share some specific properties: they are finitely generated modules over their centers and their representation spaces are toric varieties. In order to describe these algebras we introduce the notion of a toric order and show that all toric orders which are 3-dimensional Calabi-Yau algebras can be constructed from dimer mod...
Downloads: 3
[image]Now That's What I Call Gangster Beats!! - Raf Riley

Downloads: 291
[image]Lifeline - Raf Ravenscroft

Downloads: 34
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